The largest energy cluster in the Nordic countries

The Vaasa region’s energy cluster EnergyVaasa is the largest in the Nordic countries, including businesses, university programmes and research institutes. It comprises about 120 enterprises and approximately 10,000 employees. The total net sales are about four billion euros. The share of exports is 70 %. These enterprises manufacture e.g. diesel engines, electric motors, power plants, frequency converters, and applications for the wind power industry. In addition they produce and transmit electricity and heat. The energy cluster comes natural to the people in the region – Energy is a way of life in Ostrobothnia.


Ostrobothnians are entrepreneurs inside and out; hence the many smaller businesses and the diverse business life. When an Ostrobothnian gets an idea, quitting is not an option. Persistence is perhaps the key explanation of the emergence of highly specialised production in Ostrobothnia: greenhouse cultivation, fur breeding and boat building. Greenhouse cultivation is something of an Ostrobothnian trademark: some 70 per cent of all the tomatoes and a 40 per cent of the cucumbers produced in Finland come from Ostrobothnia. The traditions of boat building are so long, that one could easily claim that the craft is now part of the people’s genetic inheritance. This is true especially in the northern parts of Ostrobothnia, where the most magnificent sailboats in the world are built. Shipbuilding was an important source of income in ostrobothnia as early as the 16th century. The first Finnish shipyard was founded in Jakobstad in 1666.

More on working and living in Finland

There is an excellent guide on living, working and studying in Finland published by the Ministry of Employment and the Economy. It contains almost everything that one might be thinking about when planning to move – alone or with family – to Finland. The guide is called Working in Finland.

The Consortium of Higher Education in Vaasa has a great website with information about both studying and working in the city of Vaasa. Check the site for good advice on looking for a job, Finnish work culture as well as being/applying as an international student.



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