Close to nature

Sea, open plains and forests. A magnificent archipelago shaped by the glacial age and impressive river landscapes. The break-up of the ice on the river Kyrönjoki in the spring, violent autumn storms on the Kvarken. Thousands of cranes dancing in the fields of Söderfjärden, black grouse courting on a misty marsh. A white-tailed eagle majestically gliding on the winds above the city. The natural environment of Ostrobothnia is truly unique! As a matter of fact, the Kvarken Archipelago was listed as UNESCO World Heritage in 2006. It is the first World Natural Heritage site in Finland.












The coast never stays the same, since Ostrobothnia is literally rising from the sea. Land uplift is a unique natural phenomenon, which continuously alters the coastline of the region. Land is rising from the sea at a speed of eight millimeters a year. It will keep rising some 100 - 150 meters.


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