Experience having nature close to you
You can both have nature at your door step and be at the office in 15 minutes.

The Ostrobothnian way of life

Situated on the West Coast of Finland, Ostrobothnia is a breathtakingly beautiful region with the international and bilingual city of Vaasa, with its 66,000 inhabitants, as its centre. The population of Ostrobothnia has steadily been increasing and as for today it is about 180,000. Besides Vaasa, there are several other towns with an impressive history along the Ostrobothnian coast, e.g. Jakobstad (in Finnish Pietarsaari), Kristinestad (Kristiinankaupunki), Kaskö (Kaskinen) and Nykarleby (Uusikaarlepyy).


Ostrobothnia is one of the country’s most international regions with more foreign inhabitants than on average in Finland. In this multilingual environment using several languages, especially Finnish and Swedish, is a natural part of everyday life.
The cultural life is vivid. Summer theatres, festivals, barn dances and museums of local history and culture. Music, dancing, art and sports. There are always a lot of activities within the culture scene and the many voluntary associations in the region.


It’s often stated, that the people living along the Ostrobothnian coast are the happiest in Finland. Why is that? Well, they simply enjoy their life. Quality of life is composed of small elements. Of being able to work or study close to home, of having all places of interest at a short distance. Of seeing your children grow up in a safe environment and of living close to nature in a nice neighbourhood. In Ostrobothnia, the elements of a good life are all there! That’s why the Ostrobothnians are such happy people.

Welcome to Ostrobothnia!